Minuet Calabrese | 24.5′ RACING CLASS


Design 03

LOA: 7,50m
Max. beam: 3,20m
Draft: 1,60m
Displacement: 850kg
Sail area: 36,9m2


Our customer wanted a fast and amusing racing class boat. He did not have any demands as regards inside volume and could afford to have it made of carbon fibre. Therefore our main objective was a fast boat for short races. We drew a big cockpit, comfortable for the crew and a small cabin to fit its aggressive lines.
In order to achieve a high righting moment, necessary for such a generous sailing area, we chose the wings system (removable for easy transportation), instead of canting keel system, due to the fact that in short races the number of tacks is high.
Following the concept we designed a hull with chines to improve planning.
For the rig we chose backwards spreaders without runners, 100% jib and top asymmetric spinnaker.
The centreboard has two positions. Down for sailing and up for transportation.
Hull, deck, centreboard, rudder and mast are made of carbon fibre.