Minuet Calabrese | 26′ FAST CRUISER


Design 10

LOA: 8,18m
Max. beam: 2,80m
Draft: 0,60m / 1,75m
Displacement: 2100kg
Sail area: 34.5m2


Our customer, an architect and design lover, asked us to stress on styling, comfort and a spacious deck, altogether in a fast cruising boat.
To comply with his request, the boat has got numerous ergonomic details, such as soft seats on deck with removable back. This kind of seats haven’t been seen in Argentina so far.
It has also got a large cockpit and a sophisticated shaped cabin with acrylic panels.
Building upon our prior experience with our 23′ aluminium and with the help of CAD/CAM technology, we had the chance of making a one off at a very reasonable price.
The boat is now being constructed at Pichin Broeders’s shipyard.