Minuet Calabrese | 48′ OCEAN CRUISER


Design 13

LOA: 14,82m
Max. beam: 4,15m
Draft: 0,8m / 3,35m
Displacement: 15500kg
Sail area: 103m2


In this project we worked in conjunction with Horacio Ezcurra, the boat was designed for ocean cruises at high latitudes. It is an evolution of “Mago del Sur”, a boat born at Horacio`s board with our cooperation in a joint-venture project, and which makes frequent voyages to Antarctica.
The most important points to note in this design are the two rudders and the retractable keel, its depth goes from 3.3m to 0.8m, this allow the access to places of low depth and gives an excellent stability in open seas. The retractable system makes the boat very safe in the case of beating something.
Another feature is the inverted windshield, which serves to prevent it from accumulating snow.
The internal wheelhouse, with excellent visibility, performs the dual function of maneuvering the boat from inside in bad weather, and provides a nice place to enjoy the landscape outside in the comfort of the mooring.
The maneuver is centralized in the cockpit to minimize the crew.
The rig is cuter with three stays, which gives it great versatility with different wind and wave conditions.