A boat is a link to nature

We have known this link since we were very young, first sailing and racing, then designing and working with boats. We started sailing more than 40 years ago and we have been designing boats for more than 20 years.
In addition to designing, we have worked in construction, which allows us to make integral designs, which end up having a faster and less expensive construction.

Most of our designs are ocean-going yachts designed in aluminium or steel and intended for long voyages in all types of seas and conditions. But we have also worked on medium and high performance projects, such as our design Nº 34, an 87-foot ketch built in composite materials, and IMOCA 60 class boats together with other designers.

Juan Pablo

As for motor boats, we prefer slender monohulls and multihulls (catamarans and trimarans), which are more efficient and more pleasant to sail, generate fewer waves and consume less fuel, thus having less impact on the coastline and the environment.

We had the good fortune to work with leading figures in the naval field, they were our mentors, Horacio Ezcurra and Horacio Chakass, who 15 years ago were already talking to us about these premises.

We are currently experiencing a paradigm shift in the use of non-renewable resources, and it is our wish to accompany and promote this change. Naval architecture has a lot to contribute in this regard. In our case, with the aim of reducing consumption and wave generation, we are developing foils to improve the performance of low performance motor boats.

We like our work, each project has its own particularity that makes it unique and challenging, for each one we try to find the best solution.

Making our customers satisfied, using sustainable solutions is what we aspire to.