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Owner Project Manager

This task basically consists of advising in accordance with the criteria of the Project Manager Book, in order to carry out the work with the quality, costs and deadlines planned.


Even from a hull and without plans it is possible to plan a renovation or restoration.


We carry out surveys for international registrations, for purchases of used vessels in any material or for new constructions.

Work progress certifications

In general, payments in the works are based on progress, the certification is to measure the percentage of progress of the work in order to make the payment.


Foils on motor and sailing boats are increasingly being used because they reduce drag. In the case of powerboats this translates into lower fuel consumption.

A very common case is the case of trucks where consumption can be considerably lowered by modifying the trim.

NAP documentation

We carry out all the necessary documentation to obtain the REY registration at the Prefectura Naval Argentina.

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